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What are the Hunting Fees?
Waterfowl is $150.00 per man per day for 2 or more hunters. One hunter is $250.00 per day.
Archery hunting is $175.00 per day. $800.00 per week Early Muzzleloader is $800.00 /3 day.  $300.00 /day on any of the 3 days.
Shotgun .. Opening Day/$350.00  ... $150.00/day after opening.
Late Muzzleloader.. $200.00 per day (Dec.)

What's included?
The hunting fee includes the hunting location and guide services for the day. Blinds, tree stands, ground blinds and decoys are provided.

Is lodging included?
Hunters are expected to book their own lodging in Chestertown, Md. Reduced rates are available for B&J hunters at the Comfort Suites and Holiday Inn Express.

What do I need to bring?
Warm clothing, rain gear,hunting boots, guns,shells( BB,2 or 1 shot) and license. Hip boots are required for water hunting.

Where do we meet?
Usually at the motel. Call B&J the night before your hunt to confirm. (It's best to call after 7:00 PM.)

Is the Guide's fee included in the cost?
The Guide is paid by B&J, however his gratuity is not. If he works hard and provides an enjoyable day for you, let him now it.

When are the seasons?
The seasons are set by the State of Maryland usually by August of each year. Check with www.dnr.state.md.us/huntersguide. Archery season begins mid-Sept., Geese begins mid-November, ducks has a split season.

What hunting License is required?
Maryland offers a three day waterfowl license. A state waterfowl stamp is also required to hunt waterfowl in addition to a federal waterfowl stamp.

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